“We’re so connected, but are we even friends?” — Arcade Fire

I’m always struck in my therapy or coaching sessions by how many of my clients are connected to literally hundreds of people on a daily basis, and yet still often feel profoundly lonely and disconnected in their lives.

We know from research into positive psychology and authentic happiness that having a full, connected life with meaningful and healthy relationships is one of the most important “happiness factors” there is. However, in this day and age, establishing genuine, and healthy relationships can feel harder than ever.

On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I’ve recruited one of my oldest and dearest friends, Amy Rocen, to talk about her “friendship superpower” and how she’s cultivated lifelong friendships. She has interesting insights on what it takes to have great friends, and today she’s sharing the secrets of her success with you, too.

xoxo, Lisa Marie bobby