Big Risks and Bigger Rewards: Living the Life You Want

In my work as a life coach and therapist, I routinely talk to people who feel trapped in their lives. They feel bored, dissatisfied, and like they are not connected with their life’s highest purpose and meaning. But they also often feel afraid to make the changes that would set them free.

On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I’m talking to a couple of brave women who conquered their fear of the unknown, and broke free from the lives that they’d felt stifled by. Kimberly Travaglino of Fulltime Families, and her sidekick Clementine B are wives and moms who have have hit the road with their families. Both have been living full time in their RVs for 5+ years — traveling the US, having adventures, and living lives that feel deeply fulfilling to them.

While your definition of happiness might not necessarily include living in an RV, the wisdom and insight of these ladies may still help you. They talk about how they got into alignment with their values, conquered their fears, took calculated risks, and created the lives they wanted. Their inspiring stories can help YOU get clear about what you want and how to make it happen in your own life, too.

xoxo, Lisa Marie Bobby