Be Here Now: Savor The Present

Did you know that there is an anchor to the present moment that is with you all the time? Mindfulness does not require your sitting on a special pillow with your eyes closed, or listening to a guided meditation. You can be fully present as you move through the minutia of your life: Walking, talking, and being here now. The key to everyday mindfulness is savoring.

When we savor something it means that we are fully present with it and appreciative of the experience. The opportunity to savor is available to us in the smallest, most simple of moments. Inhaling the aroma of your tea before you take a sip, noticing the quality of the light as you drive, and appreciating the taste of your lunch are all rock solid anchors to the present.

The opposite of savoring is the numb blindness that occurs when we rush through our days, barely aware of the sights, sounds and smells of our lives. It’s effortless to become trapped in the yammering chatter of our minds: Visualizing things that happened in the past, planning and anticipating things that haven’t happened yet, and listening to the running commentary of our minds. This inward focus occupies our entire attention, and we miss the humble beauty, the safety, and the pleasures that are available to all of us, in every moment.

Savoring is the antidote. Savoring is being. Opportunities to savor are all around you, all the time. Noticing and appreciating the reflection of the clouds a puddle, breathing in the fresh breeze, and enjoying the experience of your healthy body walking are only a few of the transcendent experiences you might have between the time you roll the shopping cart out of the store and arrive back to your car.

Intentionally savoring puts you back in contact with the beauty of life. Challenge yourself to fully savor just a few things today, and notice what happens when you do. You’ll quickly realize that when you are present with your experience, and savoring it, the chatter in your mind stops. The mental movies go dark, and your inward gaze turns outward again — reconnecting you with the moment you’re in.

Life is a beautiful gift, always available for your pleasure. Enjoy it.